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Palmprint Biometric Authentication

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Palm Print Recognition Technology is the latest people identification technology in
addition to Face Recognition, Fingerprint, Retina Authentication, etc. Changhong’s advanced Palm Print authentication solution is the first one in the US market.

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Compared with Existing Solutions

  • Higher Uniqueness: Palm prints provide more unique points of identification compared to fingerprints. The palm's larger surface area contains more lines and patterns that can be used
    for identification, increasing the system's overall accuracy.


  • Difficult to Forge: Palm prints are more difficult to duplicate than face images or fingerprints.
    While fingerprints and faces can be easily captured without consent capturing a palm print and vein pattern without someone's knowledge is significantly harder.


  • Less Invasive: While facial recognition involves capturing an image of someone's face, which can sometimes be considered invasive, palm print scanning is perceived as less intrusive
    because it does not involve capturing a person's likeness.


  • Less Affected by Aging: Aging can cause significant changes in a person's facial features, potentially impacting the effectiveness of face recognition systems over time. In contrast, a person's palm print remains relatively constant throughout their life, making it a more stable form of biometric identification.

  • Contactless: Modern palm print recognition systems use contactless technologies. This is
    particularly advantageous in a post-pandemic world, where hygiene concerns have made contactless systems more desirable.


  • Reliability: Unlike facial recognition, palm print authentication is not easily affected by changes in lighting conditions, or by the user wearing makeup, glasses, or growing facial hair

  • Usability for Diverse Populations: more uniform accuracy across different ethnicities


Advantages (cont.)

Comapred with Existing Solutions

Why Choose Changhong Palmprint Solution?

  • First and only solution available in US market

  • Most advanced technology

  • Already proven by millions of users

  • Trustable Brand

  • People authentication, membership operation, new payment method

  • Chain stores

  • Movie Theater

  • Shopping malls

  • Casino

  • Facility/Building access


Potential Markets/Applications

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