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Azure Sphere Gateway.png

Changhong-Microsoft Azure Sphere Gateways

This gateway series product is jointly developed by Microsoft and Changhong. It addresses the need for the strongest cybersecurity protection on connected machines/devices, key features of Azure Sphere Gateway:

  • Powered by Microsoft Secure MCU and 24x7 monitoring service

  • Hardware + software security technology to provide strongest protection

  • Support secure OTA for firmware and application update

  • Cost effective and quick customization

Advanced People Identification Solution

End-to-End Palm Print Identity Solution
Advanced hardware technology and software algorithm
Proven by millions of users
Higher uniqueness with palm prints
Difficult to forge, harder than faces or fingerprints
Less invasive compared to facial recognition
Less affected by aging, offering strong stability
Contactless for hygiene and ease use

Why Choose UlinkTech / Changhong?

  • One-stop service (design, pilot run, massive volume production)

  • Quick turnover time

  • High quality at competitive price

  • Trusted Brand since 1958

  • ODM/OEM revenue in 2023 $28 Billion

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