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The home starter kit contains:

Leak Sensor x2

Door Sensor x2

Temperature & Humidity Sensor x1

Garage Tilt & Vibration Sensor x1

Vela Connect App for Android and iOS

LIMITED TIME: 3 year subscription to Vela Connect App


Product Description:

The Home Starter Kit is your gateway to a smarter, safer home. This all-in-one kit combines temperature, door, and leak sensors to provide effortless monitoring and control through an intuitive mobile app. Designed for easy setup with no technical expertise required, our sensors ensure you stay connected to your home, receiving real-time alerts on temperature changes, door activity, and potential leaks.


Mobile App:


Our mobile app, Vela Connect, puts control and insight into the palm of your hand. With Vela Connect, effortlessly set up personalized alerts for your connected sensors, allowing you to stay informed about temperature changes, door activity, and potential leaks in real-time. Dive into the past with ease using the app's intuitive interface, offering a comprehensive view of up to 30 days of historical data from your sensors. Whether you're at home or on the go, Vela Connect ensures you're always in control, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for managing your smart sensors and keeping tabs on your environment.


Get Vela Connect:




Network Connectivity:


Our sensors use LoraWAN technology to automatically connect to the nearest Helium gateway. Once activated, our sensors can connect to a Helium gateway up to 500 meters away. Check the coverage map on the Helium website to see if your area has Helium coverage. If you do not have coverage, a gateway must be purchased and setup in your area.



- Leak Sensor x2

- Door Sensor x2

- Temperature & Humidity Sensor x1

- Garage Door Sensor x1

Sensors Home Starter Kit

$160.00 Regular Price
$128.00Sale Price
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